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We are an equal opportunity employer, we constantly search for dedicated, honest, hardworking and skilled individuals. We take our mission seriously because we know that for our company to get to the apex, we rely greatly on attracting, sourcing, and retaining the right people.

Recruitment email: recruitment@gopetoil.com.ng At Gulf Treasures Ltd, we believe in highly skilled workforce of dedicated staff and professionals who are trail blazers in their field. We also facilitate excellent output and celebrate success in careers.

* We seek creative thinking, self-driven, proactive and innovative individuals to drive the next phase of our growth and expansion.

*Developing employee competences and preparing them for greater responsibilities within the company.

*Maximizing Personnel potential by encouraging initiatives, innovations, professional development and continuous learning.

* Helping them polish their skills and abilities in a challenging, engaging, multicultural and multinational work environment that promotes innovation and rewards performance.



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LPG has been formed over millions of years beneath the ground. Gas rigs produce the gases as a mixture, which is then separated into methane (mains gas), liquefied petroleum gases (Propane and Butane) and other gases.



Safety is of paramount importance and we've included basic safety information below in line with our Gopet Oil limited Health and Safety policy and commitment. Basic Safety. To help you ensure a safe environment while using LPG from Gopet Oil limited, here are a few brief safety tips.



LPG gas bottles are for customers who have a lower LPG gas usage that doesnt require for a LPG gas tank to be installed. Our bottle range is 6kg, 11kg, 11kg (FLT), 18kg (FLT) 19kg and 47kg. 


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